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  • Prevent Snow Shoveling and Snowblowing Injuries

    Snow removal is more than just another necessary household chore. All that bending and heavy lifting can put you at serious risk for injury. Snow removal can be especially dangerous if you do not exercise regularly.

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  • Yoga?

    Back pain and recurrent back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries that plague adults. It is has been estimated that 80-90% of adults experience low back pain in their lifetime. Unfortunately, we do not have a great solution for pure low back pain.

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  • Spring seems to be finally here

    Although the winter was not too harsh (that’s what people keep telling me) in Michigan, Spring seems to be finally here. With Spring in tow, what’s on many people’s minds is golf. As an Augusta, Ga native, golf is a natural liking. Augusta and golf is synonymous especially with the Masters.

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  • Tis’ the Season

    Since my first spine blog is during the holidays, I wanted to start this blog by wishing everyone a Happy Holidays. I hope everyone has a great end to 2011 and hope everyone has a great 2012 ahead. For me, 2011 has been a season of new beginnings as my wife and I moved to Michigan after living in Georgia. Although the cold has been a big change, we enjoy living here, and for me, it has been a blessing to meet all you new people in clinic.

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