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Outpatient Spine Surgery

There has been a significant increase in the number of spine surgery performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient goes home the same day as surgery. Although this may create some anxiety for some patients, outpatient spine surgery has been found to safe in the appropriately chosen patient.

Traditionally, spine surgery has been an intensive procedure requiring an inpatient hospital stay and long recovery time. Long incision and extensive muscle retraction were needed to perform the surgery safely. However, with modern technological advancements, minimally invasive spine surgery can be used to treat many conditions that previously required open surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery is making outpatient spine surgery possible.

Potential benefits of outpatient spine surgery

  • Many patients find recovering at home is more comfortable and satisfying
  • Cost is reduced
  • The chance of infection is typically lower at home
  • Reap the same benefits as Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ideal candidates for outpatient spinal surgery

  • Has no other medical conditions
  • Is of normal weight (body mass index, or BMI, less than 35)
  • Has sufficient family or social support at home
  • Has a realistic expectation of some pain and discomfort despite reasonable pain-relief strategies

What surgeries are performed as an outpatient

  • Lumbar discectomies
  • Lumbar laminectomies
  • Neck fusions
  • Simple lumbar fusions