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  • Why Does My Back Hurt When I Breathe?

    There are several different causes of back pain, many of which can worsen with breathing. Back pain can be due to an injury to the bones or muscles in your back, or result from a medical condition affecting internal organs such as the heart or lungs.

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  • Drug that kills off sleeping bone cells could treat lower back pain

    An existing drug that targets senescent, or sleeping cells could provide the answer to treating lower back pain, according to a new study.

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  • When Surgeons See Spine Surgeries in 3D, Patients Benefit

    Intraoperative scanner projects to high-definition screens that allow for more precision and quicker patient recoveries.

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  • New 'patch' uses natural body motion to fix disk herniation

    A new biologic "patch" that is activated by a person's natural motion could be the key to fixing herniated disks in people's backs, according to researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the CMC VA Medical Center (CMCVAMC).

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  • Find Relief From Upper Back Pain

    Maybe you’ve just finished a few hours of work at the computer and now there’s a stabbing sensation between your shoulder blades. Or you have an ongoing, continuous ache that extends from the base of your neck down to the bottom of your ribs. What’s going on? And more importantly, how can you find some relief?

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