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  • Stretches and exercises to relieve SI joint pain

    The sacroiliac (SI) joint connects the spine to the pelvis. People who have injured this joint may experience pain in the lower back, buttocks, and down the back of the thigh. Simple stretches and exercises may ease the pain and help people move around more comfortably.

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  • What Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Is and How It Works

    Minimally invasive spine surgery is a type of spine surgery that requires smaller incisions and does less damage to muscles and tissue. Spine surgeries that require less cutting and moving have become more common thanks to advanced tools and robotics.

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  • Rehabilitation prior to surgery for adult spinal deformity may reduce length of stay

    Results showed rehabilitation before minimally invasive spine surgery for adult spinal deformity may be independently associated with a shorter length of stay and lower rates of readmission and reoperations.

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  • Q and A: Back pain

    It seems like everyone I know has some type of back pain. My husband and I both suffer from back pain but mine is a dull ache at the end of the day while he seems to have shooting pain. Why are our backs so susceptible to pain and how do I know when we should talk with our doctor?

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  • Why Back Pain Is More Common as You Age, and What to Do About It

    It's not your imagination: Your back has definitely gotten achier and more injury-prone as you've aged. But what's behind the growing discomfort, and is there anything you can do to make it go away?

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