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  • Pseudoarthrosis In The Cervical And Lumbar Spine

    Pseudoarthrosis is a term used to describe what happens when a spinal fusion is unsuccessful. Spinal fusion is a type of back surgery given for a variety of problems including but not limited to scoliosis curve correction, disc problems, and/or instability in the spine (which can be due to an infection or tumor)

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  • Spine Surgeons Outline How To Prioritize Procedures Amid Pandemic

    As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, hospitals across the country canceled elective procedures in an effort to flatten the transmission curve and prioritize personal protective equipment for frontline health care workers. Among those procedures were pediatric spine surgeries for patients with conditions like scoliosis and thoracic insufficiency syndrome.

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  • Ten Tips For Looking After Your Back While You're Sitting Down

    Working from home is challenging. Apart from reduced social interaction and the domestic juggling involved, homes are not usually designed to replicate a workplace environment when it comes to employees' health.

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  • Causes And Treatment Of Upper Back And Neck Pain

    Pain in the neck and upper back can be temporary. For example, a person may have a sore neck after sleeping in an unnatural position. However, for some people, pain in this area is chronic.

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  • Hip Replacement May Also Ease Back Pain

    If you have a bad hip and lower back pain, a new study suggests that hip replacement surgery may solve both issues at once.

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